Latta Coats of Arms




Family of: LATTA

ARMS: Sable, three piles argent, over all on a fesse gules, three crescents of the second.

Crest: An oak tree proper.

Motto: Dum Vivo Vireo (While I live, I live)

Authority: Burke's "General Armory", 1844 edition.

Tinctures: The shield s of black. The three piles are of silver.  The fesse is of red. The crescents are of silver. The oak tree is of proper or natural colorings. The wreath, under the crest, is of alternate twists of silver and black.  The helmet is of steel color or silver.  The mantle is of black lined with silver. The ribbon is of silver, motto lettered in black.

Notes: Burke, highest published authority on the subject of heraldry, records the above described coat of arms, crest and motto - as authentic for the family of Latta; the only coat of arms, crest and motto so recorded in the name.

We hereby certify that the insignia above described is recorded in the published heraldic authority cited above.

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A few words about Coats of Arms:

Arms were granted to an individual by a nobleman. Only the individual to whom the arms were granted was permitted to use them.

Upon the death of the grantee, the arms could pass to the eldest son of the grantee, and so on in perpetuity.

Contrary to a common belief, a coat of arms does not belong to everyone who bears the surname.

The original description of the arms was written ("Three silver oak leaves on a field of blue with two rabbits rampant and the motto 'Breed Like There's No Tomorrow'") and when turned into a graphic the actual design could be interpreted in any of countless ways.