"Samuel Latta Fayette County Mount Pleasant Post Office Pennsylvania" - .25 was written in the upper left corner above the address. It is transcribed herein verbatim.

Eckmansville Adams County Ohio October 25, 1841

Dear Uncle

For the first time itake the opportunity of informing you how iam and where iam ihave not known any of my mothers connections were till last week Stephen Thompson was working for me and after night he and myself got in Conversation together and he informed me where you way whether you known anything about me or not iknow not but ihave often haon mother speak of her brothers and often spoke of her brother Samuel iam the son of Jane Croper whose name Was Latta she after that became the wife of Wm Cochran she had 2 children to him Mary and Samuel in the year of 1830 she departed this life then the old man went to Maryland and left me without aplace to go ithen in ashort time went to west union and set in with Mr. J. W. Lafferty and learnt the boot and saddlemaking business then traveled some little then commenced my business in Winchester this County where ilived 3 years then married 9 miles from there at that time was 23 years old and was 16 her name was Eliza Ann Mchaffey we was married April 10th 1839 we now have 2 children alittle girl 17 months old alittle son 2 months old iam through my short history of the past and now come to speak of the present and say that through kind mercy of god we are all tolerably well and hope these lines you and yours in the same way we now building ahouse in this place that we expect to get in it this fall yet if you will own me as anephew would beglad and iwish you to inform me where all the rest of your friends are so far as you can for imay say iamlost not knowing where any of are want you to write me along letter and give me all the particulars and inform me where Mothers firs children is whether they are living or not if they are near you tell them of me and some of come and see me or write atleast tell me where you are and we will pay you avisit asson as we can nothering more at present but remaining yours respectfully

Alexander Latta McConnell

When you write to me direct your letter to Ecksonville post office Adams County Ohio and please write soon as you any letter

A L McConnell