[Folded as a packet letter. 25 written by the address]

Adams County Ohio January 3 the 1838

Dear uncal I take up my pen in hand to pay you a few lines I hope you will excuse my feelun as I hue never saw you but as you are my fathers brother you do ant appear en my stranger to me.

Iam just a going to giv you sunacount of Robert Latta death Robert left ohio aprils last for the ilinos he tuck with him a enline to putup a saw mil Robert cum to see us ashort timebefore he went on his Jurneyand told us he in tend paying you a visit as soon as he returned from the ilanois he was very ancious for aunt Robert Son to go with him to see you as he in tende going soon in the fall while the weathr was plesent but our dear fend never returnd home he was actined thean longe then he expected he laid out a toun on the elanois river whare he bilt his mill he sold thirty odd lits at won hundre dollars a peas and had just got his mill started was redd to cum home wen he was take in with a verry vilent atact of the bilous fever he lied four ten days after he was taken but had no hopes of recvery for una the first day of his sickness his thots of eternity was fearful he lamented his past life he said he alwys feard the Lord but he had never sered him he had per vided wellfo time but had thot but litl of eternity to whitch he was lastring the won thing needful was neglect on being addressed by atendent of his to not dis par the goodness of god the thot it un reasonable for to expect para on his death be when never sot before he warned all about him to not put off repntence to a deathbed has he had dun he head too doctors and gooy nurses but all to nopurpose But it peased the Lord to grant him parde and he dyed in full hope of a happy reserection he cale on pious peple to pray for him the day before he died the ast his lan Lady to sing a hymn whitch was the ninth hymn of the second book of wates whitch is solas and did my savious blead and did my sovren die

he kept sing that hymn clear thorve and repeated the last vrce him selfhe remaind quite secible to the last and was perfctily re cined to the will of god in his will he left Mr Foste the forth of his and left him to settl the rest of his living Mr fosters hous bean roberts hom wile hestaid in that cuntary he was the first of October commited to the silent grave

I paid his sister a visit in November and found her verry poorly she had bean verry sick all summer and had got better till she hard of the death of brother whitch maid hir mutch worce but she had not for got hir brother Joseph death yet and it appears if she can nevr for get them

Aunt Robertson send hir Love to youall respecfly yours [to] Samuel Latta [from] Jane Latta

NB seeas giv me a line in haste