The editor continues printing the old Latta letters sent by Alan Latta. The letters are published verbatim, with original spellings. The title is how it was addressed.

Samuel Latta, Fiatte County Bullskins Township State of Pennsylvania

[folded as a packet letter.]

September the 2 1827

Dear unkle I take up my pen to inform you that I am well at present hoping these few Lines to find you and your family enjoying the same helth Esquire Fansmam was out with us and he told us that you had a variry backward Spring as well as us I understand that Nathan Right has Departed this Life Likewise I am informing that couisin Joseph Garver has got married and that Silas Walker has left Fayette Township and gon to his Land I would desire you to inform me whether all these things is ture I have wrote to Brother but not nowing where he is it is uncertain whether I shall get any answer or not I am pleased with this contry as there is evey thing plenty but money and girls Thomas Andrews and Thomas Cithearts Famileys Was all well the Last i heard from them you may expect r me in with you apart this tiye nesct fall and perhaps I will continue with you or in them parts I would wish you to write as soon as convenient and direct your Letter to Cockes post office at hayzes crofs Road Buchland County. send my kind respects to my dear aunts uncles and all I inquiring Friends and all the Girls on the Big run I have nothing more to add ata present but Remains your Friend and Neffue until death [to] Samuel Latta [from] William Latta