Lanarkshire, Scotland


Robert Latta was born abt. 1806 in Ireland, and died in 1870 in Duddingston & Portobello Edinburgh, in the City of Midlothian. He married Hannah Coyle. She was born abt. 1816 in Co. Antrim, Ireland. Children:

2 JOHN (2) b. abt. 1835 in Lanarkshire.
3 ROBERT (2) b. abt. 1837 in Lanarkshire
4 ALEXANDER (2) b. abt. 1839 in Lanarkshire
5 SARAH (2) b. abt. 1841 in Old Monkland, Lanarkshire; m. Patrick Docherty Nov. 16, 1863 in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. Children: Hannah, Mary, John, Helen, Patrick. 1881 Census living at 30 Windsor St., Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland. Patrick Docherty was listed as a coal miner, born in Ireland.
6 CATHERINE (2) b. abt. 1846 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire; m. _______ Crossan
7 MARY (2) b. abt. 1850 in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire; m. Michael Welsh. Children: Patrick, Catherine, Hannah, John, and Maggie.
1841 Scotland Census - Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, Dundyvan Row
Robert Latta, 35, coal miner, b. Ireland
Hannah Latta, 25, b. Ireland
John Latta, 6, b. Lanarkshire
Alexr Latta, 2, b. Lanarkshire
Sarah Latta, 7m, b. Lanarkshire
1851 Scotland Census - Old Monkland, Lanarkshire
Robert Latta, 45
Hannah Latta, 35
1871 Scotland Census - Grese Hill Rd., Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
Hannah Latta, 56, head, b. Ireland
Fanny Cardow, 17, lodger
Jane Cardow, 2-1/4, lodger
Catherine Crossan, 25, daughter, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, power loom weaver
1881 Scotland Census - Russells Ld Eastfield, Rutherglen
Hannah Latta, 67, mother-in-law, b. Co Antrim, Ireland
Michael Welsh, 34, coal miner, head
Mary Welsh, 31, wife, b. Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Patrick Welsh, 10
Catherine Welch, 3
Hannah Welsh, 9
John Welsh, 8
Maggie Welsh, 6
Robert (1). Robert Latta was born abt. 1835 in Lanarkshire; d. Feb. 13, 1904 at 67 Glasgow Rd., Rutherglen, married to Margaret Cunningham - informant, son John Latta of 16 Regent St., Rutherglen. Cause of death Senile Decay ( He married Margaret Cunningham. She was born abt. 1836. Children:
8 HELEN (3) b. abt. 1859 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
9 HANNAH (3) b. abt. 1860 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
10 JOHN (3) b. abt. 1863 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
11 CATHERINE (3) b. abt. 1866 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
12 MARGARET (3) b. abt. 1868 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
13 SARAH (3) b. abt. 1870 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire; d. before 1881.
14 JAMES (3) b. abt. 1872 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
15 MARY (3) b. abt. 1876 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
16 ANNIE (3) b. abt. 1877 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
17 WILLIAM (3) b. abt. 1879 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
18 ELIZABETH (3) b. abt. 1881 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire; d. before 1891.

11 November 1873 - Melancholy occurrence - Two Men Killed In a Coal Pit - Yesterday morning, about half-past five o'clock a melancholy accident occurred in No 4 Coal Pit, Eastfield, parish of Rutherglen, belonging to Mr Jas. Buchanan, coalmaster, whereby two colliers, named Allan Maxwell, residing a 43 Mill Street Rutherglen, and James Speirs residing at Eastfield, were deprived of life. From inquiries made by the police, it appear, that Maxwell and Speirs and other two men named John Latta collier, residing at 15 Cathcart Street, Rutherglen, and Michael M'Cue, drawer, residing at 13 Ferrie Street, Rutherglen, went into a cage at the mouth of the pit for the purpose of being lowered down the shaft to their work. It is said that the pitheadman called to the engineman that all was ready; and it it alleged that the latter failed to raise the cage so that the "snakes" could be opened to allow the cage to descend; but that he set the engine in motion the reverse way, which caused the rope to slacken on the pirn. The pitheadman, it is said, again called to him to stop his engine and reverse it, so that the snakes might be opened. The engine was then stopped and reversed, and the cage was lifted off the snakes, and raised in the usual way. The engine was then set in motion for the purpose of lowering the cage down the shaft, and when it had descended about 10 fathoms the rope slipped off the pulley on the platform, and at the same moment the spokes of the pirn broke. The result was that the cage dropped down the shaft with a sudden jerk, and Maxwell and Speirs were thrown out, and fell to the bottom from a height of about 23 fathoms, Maxwell was killed on the spot, and Speirs died in about two hours afterwards. The cage was thrown out of the slides by the force of the jerk, but fortunately Latta and M'Cue succeeded in holding on, and saved their lives. Latta was slightly injured on the right knee and thigh, but luckily M'Cue escaped scathless. Maxwell and Speirs were each about 18 years of age, and unmarried. The county police are making inquiries into the sad occurrence. [Glasgow Herald 12 November 1873]

1861 Scotland Census - 74 Mill St., Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
Hellen Cunningham, 50, head, b. Ireland, formerly coal miner's wife
John Latta, 25, son-in-law, b. Glasgow, Lanark, coal miner
Margaret Latta, 24
Hellan Latta, 2
Hannah Latta, 1
Mary Latta, 1 mo., b. Rutherglen
1871 Scotland Census - 13 Cathcart Rd., Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
John Latta, 35, head, coal miner, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Margt Latta, 35, wife, b. Camborne, Stirlingshire
Helen Latta, 12, dau, b. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, PL weaver
Hannah Latta, 11, dau., b. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, scholar
John Latta, 8, son, b. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, scholar
Catherine Latta, 5, daughter, b. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
Margaret Latta, 3, daughter, b. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
Sarah Latta, 1, dau., b. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
1881 Scotland Census - 55 Cathcart Rd., Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
John Latta, 45, head, coal miner
Margt Latta, 45, wife
Helen Latta, 22, dau, cotton weaver
John Latta, 18, son,unemployed
Margaret Latta, 13, daughter, b. Rutherglen, cotton weaver
James Latta, 9, b. Rutherglen, scholar
Mary Mc K Latta, 5, b. Rug'len
Annie Latta, 4, b. Rug'len
William Latta, 2, b. Rug'len
Elizabeth Latta, 7m, b. Rug'len
1891 Scotland Census - 55 Cathcart Rd., Rutherglen
John Latta, 55, head, coal miner
Margaret Latta, 55
James Latta, 19, coal miner
Mary Latta, 15, weaver
Annie Latta, 14, weaver
William Latta, 12, message boy
1901 Scotland Census - 67a Glasgow Rd., Rutherglen
John Latta, 65, head, retired coal miner hewer
Margaret Latta, 65
James Latta, 29, son, shipyard driller
Mary Latta, 25, daur, PL cotton weaver
Amlie Latta, 24, daur, PL cotton weaver
Wm. Latta, 22, son, destitutch clerk
Robert (1). Robert Latta was born abt. 1837 in Lanarkshire; d. prior to 1901. He married Ann ____________. She was born abt. 1837. Children:
19 ROBERT (3) b. abt. 1858
20 JOHN (3) b. abt. 1860
1861 Scotland Census - 26 Reid St., Glasgow Colton
Robert Latta, 23, miner
Ann Latta, 22
Robert Latta, 3
1881 Scotland Census, 28 Gladstone St., Hamilton, Lanarkshire
Robert Latta, 44, coal miner
Anna Latta, 44
John Latta, 22, son. b. Rutherglen, scholar
Robert Latta, 23, coal miner
1901 Scotland Census - 18 Ann St. , Hamilton, Lanarkshire
Ann Latta, 63, head
Robert Latta, 43, son, coal miner
John Latta, 31, son, coal miner