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Researcher: Cindy Stiene, Branch 15 Captain

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                                             1 JAMES (1) LATTA
Born 1760 in Orange Co., NC, and died 1856 in Madison Co., AL. Married: NANCY ALLEN on August 24, 1790 in Orange Co., NC. (Book of North and South Carolina Marriage Records), She was the daughter of JACOB ALLEN and JOANNA CAIN.  (Will of Jacob Allen - Orange County Will Book D-178 - Jan 13, 1806. Leaves sons Jacob Allen and William Allen land; lists daughters Betsey Allen, Sally Allen, Hannah Allen, Nancy Allen, Cynthia Scarlett; Executor Son-in-law James Latta and son Jacob Allen.  Witnesses: William Cain, Sr., John Kelley, and Cuthbert Burton (x).) (Orange Co. NC Will Book D-510 - Will of Stephen Scarlett July 6, 1817 states that his wife was Sally, daughters Rachel and Synthia, unmarried, sons, James and John, daughters, Elizabeth Cain, Mary Latta (married #9 James Latta of Branch 9), Sally Latta, Jane Latta (married #4 Thomas Latta of Branch 7), Susanna Cole, Rachel Scarlett and Synthia Scarlett) (See end notes for more information on James.) James held land grants in Madison County, AL and Limestone Co., AL as early as 1816.  He lived in Limestone Co., AL until his wife died in 1831, when he moved to Madison County, AL.  He left his Limestone County property to his daughters, Sarah and Mary.  Sarah and Mary sold the land in 1833 to a John Latta, probably their brother.

Here is what I have on the James Latta that migrated to Limestone, AL., although I do not show a son Thomas.

Orange  NC  Will Book  D-178
Will of Jacob Senior Allen: 13 Jan 1806 / Nov Ct 1806
Son: Jacob Allen, land on s side of Eno River
Son: William Allen, land on n side of Eno River
Dau: Sally Allen, Betsy Allen, Hannah Allen, Nancy Latta,
Cynthia Scarlett,
Exr: Son in law James Latta, son Jacob Allen
Wit: WILLIAM CAIN SR, John Kelley Sr, Cuthbert (x) Burton.

Deed 1812 Orange Co., NC James Latta Jr. sells to Cleaton Lynch, 100 acres on Ellibees Cr. Signed James Latta Jr. Wit; Howard Wheeler and Jacob Latta.
Deed 1814 John Glenn to Solomon Wood 88 acres Wit: James Latta and Jacob Latta.
Deed 1816 James Latta and his wife Nancy sold intrests to William Cain the younger.

James and Nancy moved from Orange Co., North Carolina to Limestone Co., Alabama around 1825, Even though James held land grants in both Limestone Co. and Madison Co., as early as 1816. They lived in Limestone Co. from about 1825 to 1831, where Nancy probably died. He turned over his property to his two daughters and moved to Madison Co. James briefly married Marsilla Ray, about 1836. The marrage only lasted a couple of years because in a land transaction in 1838 they refer to each other as "the late wife" and "former husband". Marsilla signed the transaction so she was still alive. They must have been seperated or divorced. In the 1850 census of Madison Co., Alabama James was living with Elias and Fanny Wilbern (relationship not known). James' son Walter, and his family, remained in Limestone Co. until 1859-60, when they moved to Blount Co., Alabama. The whereabouts of John, Jacob,
Sarah, and Mary are unknow at this time; however, Sarah and Mary are known to have remained in Limestone Co. until 1833 where they sold land their father bequeathed them. At this time Sarah signed as "Sarah Criss" and her husband , John Criss also signed. John Latta and his wife Elizabeth sold land in 1833, and Jacob Latta bought some land in 1840, all in Limestone Co.

2     WALTER ALLEN (2) b. 1804, NC; d. Aft. 1880, Blount County, AL.
3     MARY (2) married Samuel Graham as his 2nd wife between 1831 and 1835.  Mary Latta Graham was a widow by 1840 with 3 children to raise: Francis A(Frank), John L, and Mary Graham.  Mary Latta Graham remained in Limestone Co., AL until her death around 1897/1898.
4     SARAH (2) m. JOHN CRISS, 1831-1833, Limestone Co., AL. This marriage is deduced from land records showing land deeded to sisters, Mary and Sarah Latta, by father James in April 1831.  This same land is sold in part in Jan 1833 by John & Sarah Criss, and Mary Latta to John Latta.   Sarah Latta Criss, disappeared from the Limestone Co records by 1840, but there are some clues that her family may have moved on to Mississippi which need to be explored properly; namely, a land transaction by John Criss of MS was listed in the Limestone Co. land records.

5     JOHN (2) m. ELIZABETH T. DANNA, Apr 04, 1833, Limestone Co., AL. John Latta married Elizabeth T or Y Danna and disappeared from the Limestone
Co. records by 1840.  No clues found yet on his movements.

6     JACOB ALLEN (2).Jacob Allen Latta also disappeared from the Limestone Co area around the same time; however, I recently ran across a Madison Co., AL newspaper tidbit announcing an upcoming church meeting being led by guest minister, Rev Jake Latta, dated after 1840, which gives me a clue where to look next.

                                       2 WALTER ALLEN (2) LATTA
James (1)  Walter Allen Latta was born 1804 in North Carolina, and died Aft. 1880 in Blount County, AL.  He lived in Limestone County, AL until about 1859-1860 when he moved to Blount County, AL.  Married: ELIZABETH ANN SPEERS, Dec 20, 1838 in Limestone Co., AL. Data prior to 1860 compiled by Lineages, Inc.  Elizabeth was born abt. 1819.
7     JACOB ALLEN or "Jack"(3) b. Aug 1839, Limestone Co., AL.
8     ROBERT T. (3) b. 1841, Limestone Co., AL.(*See end notes)   Latta, Robert T., (Corporal), born about 1841 in Alabama, son of Walter A. and Elizabeth Ann Latta, brother of Jacob Allen, James B., and John P. Latta; enlisted at age 21 at Murphree's Crossroads 6 Feb 1862; on company muster-in roll at Shelby Springs 6 Feb 1862; muster roll from 4 Feb to 30 Apr 1862 reported he was sick in Blount County; captured at Stone's River (Murfreesboro) 31 Dec 1862; sent to Nashville; forwarded to Military Prison at Louisville, Kentucky; transferred to Camp Douglas, Illinois Mar 1863; paroled; admitted to the General Hospital at Petersburg, Virginia with a head wound 6 Apr 1863; received a 60 day furlough 19 May 1863; muster roll for Jan and Feb 1864 reported he was captured at Missionary Ridge 23 Nov 1863; sent to Nashville; forwarded to Military Prison at Louisville, Kentucky 30 Nov 1863; transferred to Rock Island, Illinois 3 Dec 1863; enlisted for frontier service in the U.S. Army 15 Oct 1864; no further record. According to descendants (information from Cindy Stiene;, he settled in Missouri, married and raised a family in Henry County. In his later years, he and his wife Sarah Means moved to Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri where he applied for a service pension based on his service in U.S. Army. Robert T. Latta died 13 Dec 1921. Sarah died 7 Nov 1924 in Warrensburg, Missouri. (Co. C, 28th Alabama Infantry, Blount Co., AL)

9     MARTHA ANN (3) b. 1843.
10   JAMES B. (3) b. 1845.   Latta, James B., born about 1845 in Alabama; son of Walter A. and Elizabeth Ann Latta, brother to Jacob Allen, Robert T. Latta, and John P. Latta; enlisted as a private 1 May 1864 at Mount Pinson, Alabama by A.J. Ingram; on muster roll from 30 Apr to 30 Jun 1864; no further record. (12th Alabama Calvary, Co. B.)

11   SARAH (3) b. 1847.
12   PERMELIA F. (3) b. 1849, Limestone Co.,AL;  m.  W.H. WHITWORTH,   Aug 12, 1886, Blount County, AL.
13   JOHN PIERCE (3) b. 1852, Limestone Co., AL; d. 1926, Blountsville, Alabama.
14   MARY E. (3) b. 1855, Limestone Co., AL; m. WILLIAM HENDERSON,
Sep 19, 1875, Blount County, AL. (Blount Co. Marriages 1820-1892)
15   CATHERINE D. (3) b. 1857; m. JAMES HATLEY, May 07, 1905, Blount County, AL.
16   WALTER A. (3) b. 1859; m. NORA E. LITTLE, Sep 02, 1897, Blount County, AL. Walter was buried at Gibbs Chapel. (Tombstone says born 1861 and died 1909)
17   NANCY B. (3) b. 1863, Blount County, AL;   m. ELBERT CORNELIUS,  Mar 06, 1884, Blount County, AL.

                               7 JACOB ALLEN (3) LATTA  aka Jack A. Latta
Walter A. (2) James (1) Jacob Allen was born Aug 1839 in Limestone Co., AL. Married 1) ELIZA HARBIN Apr 12, 1874 in Blount County, AL. (Blount Co. Marriages 1820-1892 lists Jacob as "Jack A."), 2) MARY MALONEY Jan 31, 1878 in Blount County, AL., 3) MARGARET E. HARTGRAVES Mar 19, 1882 in Blount County, AL. (Blount Co. Marriages 1820-1892) Marriage to Margaret Hartgraves came from  1900 Census records for Alabama - Blount County and marriage records of Blount County, AL. (Tombstone says Jacob was born August 29, 1839 and died January 17, 1904)

Latta, Jacob Allen, born about 1839 in Alabama, son of Walter A. and Elizabeth Ann Latta, brother of James B., Robert T. Latta and John P. Latta; enlisted as a private 26 Jul 1862 in Blountsville by W.H. Hundley; on muster roll dated 26 Jul 1862 at Falkville in Morgan County; muster roll from 30 Apr to 30 Jun 1864 reported he was appointed 4th Corporal 1 May 1864; on muster roll from 30 Jun to 31 Dec 1864; no further record. Jacob A. Latta first married Eliza Harbin, 12 Apr 1874, Blount County; second married Mary Maloney, 31 Jan 1878, Blount County; and third married Margaret Hartgraves, Blount County, 19 Mar 1882; he died in 1904; (some information from Cindy Stiene;  12th Alabama Calvary, Co. B.
18    WALTER WILLIAM (4) b. Feb. 10 1883; d. Feb. 22, 1963.  
19    LEWIS E. (4) b. Aug 1884.
20    ROBERT T. (4) b. Feb 1887, Blount County, AL; m. MARY BROWN, Sep 30, 1906, Blount County, AL.
21    JACOB A. (4) b. Nov 1888. d. 1904. Buried at Graves Cemetery, near Royal, AL. (Tombstone says he was born in 1889 and died in 1904.)
22    CYNTHA L. (4) b. Dec 1890; m. OLLIE JONES, Dec 27, 1908, Blount County, AL.
23    JOHN PEARCE (4) b. Mar 1892.
24    ETHALENE (4) b. Apr 1894.
25    ALLICE D. (4) b. Jan 1896.

                                         13 JOHN PIERCE (3) LATTA
Walter A. (2) James (1)  John Pierce Latta was born Feb. 22, 1852 in Limestone Co., AL, and died on Jan. 17, 1926 in Blountsville, Alabama.  He married LUCINDA A. I. HENDRICKS Dec 06, 1887 in Blountsville, Alabama, daughter of MOSES HENDRICKS and MARY MURPHREE. (Blount Co. Marriages 1820-1892) Lucinda was born Oct. 5, 1868 and died Feb. 17, 1920.  She and John are buried in the New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL.  Her tombstone incorrectly states her name as "Lusinda."  The granite vendor made a mistake.  John's tombstone incorrectly says "J. A." Latta and not "J. P." for John Pierce.
26     MARY JANE (4) b. Abt. 1888. Died at the age of 18 months due to whooping cough.
27    JOSEPH MARSHALL (4) b. Oct 1890, Blount County, AL; d. 1953, Blount County, AL.
28    MOSES ALEXANDER (4) b. Oct 1892; d. 1980, Blountsville, Alabama. (Social Security Index says born December 19, 1892 and died December, 1977 in Blountsville, Blount County, AL)
29    JOHN DAVID (4) b. Mar 1896; d. Dec 1905, Blountsville, Alabama.
30    IDA GERTRUDE (4) born Apr 1899 in Blount County, AL, and died 1988. Married GARVEN STARNES Children: *1) ALTON STARNES,  *2) CURTIS STARNES.
31    DELILA SAPHRONIE VICTORIA (4) born Jan 29, 1902 in Blountsville, Alabama, and died Sep 22, 1990 in Cullman, Alabama. Married HUSTON BUSSEY 1920, son of JOHN BUSSEY and MARTHA ALLDREDGE. Children: *1) JAMES OTTIS BUSSEY, b. 1921, *2) AVIS JEWEL BUSSEY, b. Mar 16, 1923; d. Jul 06, 1995, *3) CHRISTENE BUSSEY, b. 1925; m. ODES WALKER., *4) FRED WILBURN BUSSEY, b. 1927, *5) MARGIE RUTH BUSSEY, b. Oct 24, 1933, Cullman, Alabama; d. Sep 30, 1996, Cullman, Alabama.
32    IRENE (4) b. Jul 18, 1905, Blount County, AL; d. Sep 1972, Cullman, Alabama. Married ROY CRAVEN. Children:*1) HAZEL CRAVEN, *2) RUTH CRAVEN, *3) JOHN W. CRAVEN, *4) DEWEY GRADY CRAVEN, *5) BETTY JANE CRAVEN, *6) GARY CRAVEN, and *7) WAYNE CRAVEN.
33   JAMES VIRGLE (4) b. Jun 07, 1908; d. Apr 02, 1971, Blountsville, Alabama.
34   ROMANIA LILLIS (4) b. 1912; d. 1972; m. HOMER BAKER.

                         18 WALTER WILLIAM (4) LATTA
Jacob Allen (3) Walter A. (2) James (1) Walter William Latta was born Feb. 10, 1883 and died Feb. 22, 1963.  He married Celia Cyrena Murphree.  Celia was born Sept. 21, 1886 in Blount Co., AL.  She died Dec. 1, 1957 in Blount Co., AL.  Walter and Celia are buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery, Blountsville, AL.  Children:
76     LOUIE (5) b. ________, m. Mozella Knowles. 

77    WILLIAM HOBART (5) b. Nov. 25, 1905; died Nov. 17, 1955.   Married Ruby Sherrer.  Ruby was born June 11, 1904 and died June 29, 1998. William and Ruby are both buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Blountsville, AL. Children:  Billy Joe and Doris Ann Latta.
78    JULIUS L. (5) b. Oct. 18, 1907, d. May 7, 1966.  Buried at Holly Pond Cemetery, Holly Pond, Alabama.  Married Allene Watts.  Children: Dudley Latta, Robert Allen Latta, Mary Nell Latta, Geraldine Latta, and Judith Latta.
79    PAUL (5) b.________; m. Ann Shell.  Children:  Allen Latta.
80    FLORENCE (5) b. ______________; m. Marvin Allison. 
81    PAULINE (5) b. __________; m. Joseph W. Morris.  Children: Fred, Clyde and Charles Wayne. 
82    ETHEL LOU (5) b. __________; m. Talmadge Deaton.  Children: Susan.  
83   INFANT SON - twin (5) born and died in 1929.  Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Blountsville, Alabama.
84   INFANT SON - twin (5) born and died in 1929.  Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Blountsville, Alabama.

                              27 JOSEPH MARSHALL (4) LATTA
JOHN P.(3) WALTER A(2) JAMES(1)  Joseph Marshall Latta was born Oct 1890 in Blount County, AL, and died 1953 in Blount County, AL.  He married TILLIE PUTNAM.
35     MARY (5) b. _________  Married DEWEY MILLER. Children: Buehl Miller, Carlis Miller, and Melvin Miller.     
36    NINA (5) Married KENNETH HESTLA. Children:  Glenda Jane Hestla, Francis Hestla, Carolyn Hestla, Nell Hestla, Kenneth Hestla, and Roger Hestlas.   
37    PAULINE (5) Married ARNOLD GAY. Children: Betty Gay, Geraldine Gay, and Douglas Gay.   
38    JOSEPH LEO (5) b. May 8, 1918; died Sept. 15, 1918 (Buried at New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL)
39    WILMA (5) Married JOHN HESTLA. Children: Marshall Hestla, Roy Lee Hestla, James Hestla, Deborah Hestla, and Shirley Hestla.
40   J. D. (5)
41   ARVEL (5)
42   JACKIE (5)
43   ROBERT (5)

                                        28 MOSES ALEXANDER (4) LATTA
JOHN P(3) WALTER A(2) JAMES(1)  Moses Alexander Latta was born Oct 1892, and died 1980 in Blountsville, Alabama.  Married HATTIE ESTELLE "Stella" PRICE.
45    JAMES BUEHL (5)
46    RAY ARNOLD (5)
48    GAIL (5) m. CALVIN KEY.
49    OPAL (5) b. March 12, 1916; died April 25, 1916 (Buried at New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL)

                                       33 JAMES VIRGLE (4) LATTA,
JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1)  James Virgle Latta was born Jun 07, 1908, and died Apr 02, 1971 in Blountsville, Alabama.  Married EVA BEATRICE ALLDREDGE Dec 01, 1928 in Blountsville, Alabama. Eva was born December 29, 1914 and died December 31, 2003.  James V. and Eva are buried in the New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL.
50     ALMA RUTH "Alma" (5) b. Sep 07, 1929. Married ISAAC BAKER.
51     FRANCES LOUISE "Louise" (5) b. Mar 07, 1931. Married (1) LOUIS JOHN LEIGEBER Mar 10 in Cullman, Alabama.  She married (2) RANDOLPH HANN Mar 13, 1995 in Cullman, Alabama. Children: Gary Leigeber, Janet Leigeber, and Janie Leigeber.
52     OPAL (5) b. Oct 27, 1932; d. Oct 27, 1932. (Buried in the New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL)
53     ERA MAE "Era" (5) born Jan 30, 1934. Married WILLARD RANDOLPH WORTHINGTON Nov 26 in Cullman, Alabama. Children: Dortha Jean Worthington, David Worthington, and Myra Worthington.
54    JAMES THOMAS EDWARD "Ed"(5) b. Jun 08, 1936; m. PATRICIA ANN TOWNS, Apr 18, 1958, Blountsville, Alabama.
55    KENNETH VIRGLE "Virgle" (5) b. Feb 12, 1937; m. CHARLOTTE ANN LISTER,
Apr 12, 1958, Georgia.
56    CECIL EUGENE "Cecil" (5) b. Dec 11, 1939; m. BARBARA JOAN SOUTHERLAND,
Dec 27, 1958, Georgia.
75    OLA FAYE  "Faye" (5) b. Sep 14, 1942; m. G.W. GRIMMETT, JR.,
Jun 16, 1962, BLountsville, Alabama.
57    LINDA GAIL "Linda" (5) b. Aug 26, 1944; m. (1) JIMMY ROY HELTON, JR.,
Jun 04, 1961, Georgia; m. (2) LEON BEASLEY, Sep 1970.
58    HORACE WAYNE  "Wayne" (5) b. Jul 29, 1946; d. Sep 25, 1990; m. BARBARA FAY GARTMAN, Jul 09, 1977. H. Wayne is buried in the New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL)
59    CURTIS THOMAS "Tommy" (5) b. Aug 28, 1947; m. (1) CAROLYN ANN GREEN,
May 12, ___.  Carolyn was born Oct. 17, 1947, and died July 24, 1986 (buried in the New Lebanon/Blue Springs Cemetery, Blountsville, AL) ; m. (2) ALMA CHARLOTTE JENKINS, Oct 17, 1987.

The Cullman Times, Cullman County, Alabama, published 12/30/2003

Obituary - Eva Beatrice Alldredge Latta

Funeral services for Eva Beatrice Alldredge Latta, 90, of the Hendrix community, will be at 2 p.m., Wednesday, December 31, 2003, at Lemley Chapel in Oneonta, Keith Banks, Leon Beasley and Eddie Doty officiating with burial in New Lebanon Cemetery.  Lemley Chapel is in charge of arrangements.  Mrs. Latta died Sunday, Dec. 28, at her residence. She was born in Alabama to Thomas Green and Gussie Era Thomas Alldredge.  She was a homemaker and a member of the Oneonta Church of God since 1938.  She was preceded in death by her husband, James Virgle "Jim" Latta; a daughter, Opal; a son, Wayne, and her parents.  Survivors include five daughters, Alma (Isaac) Baker, Louise (Randolph) Louisleigeber Hann, Era (Willard) Worthington, Faye (G. W.) Grimmett and Linda (Leon) Beasley; four sons, James Edward "Ed" (Pat) Latta, Virgle (Charlotte) Latta, Cecil (Barbara) Latta and Tommy (Charlotte) Latta, 29 grandchildren, 66 great-grandchildren; 23 great-great-grandchildren; nine step great grandchildren; three sisters, Mary Lee White, Betty Sweatt and Thelma Craven; two brothers, Junior Alldredge and Bob Alldredge; and a daughter-in-law, Barbara Franks.  Pallbearers will be Bobby Baker, Gary Leigeber, David Worthington, Steve Latta, Tony Latta, Mickey Latta, Mark Helton and Kevin Latta.

                                     40 J. D. (5) LATTA
JOSEPH M(4), JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1).  J. D. Latta was born ___________; Married PAULINE WILEMON. Children:
60    DONALD (6)
61    RICKY (6) 

                                         41 ARVEL (5) LATTA
JOSEPH M(4), JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1).   Arvel Latta was born __________; Married EARLINE GARNER. Children:
62    LARRY (6) 

                                             42 JACKIE (5) LATTA
JOSEPH M(4), JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1).  Jackie Latta was born ___________;
63    TERRY (6)
64    RANDY (6)
65    REX ALLEN (6)

                                           45 JAMES BUEHL (5) LATTA
MOSES A(4), JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1).  James Buehl Latta was born _________;
Married CHRISTINE WHITE. Children:
66    VICKIE (6)
67    KAREN (6)

                                           46 RAY ARNOLD (5) LATTA,
MOSES A(4), JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1).   Ray Arnold Latta was born ________;
68     CYNTHIA KAY (6)
69     SHIRLEY RHAE (6), m. MR. GOMEZ.
70     TERRY (6)
71     BRUCE (6)

                                     47 WILLIAM HORACE (5) LATTA

MOSES A(4), JOHN P(3), WALTER A(2), JAMES(1).   William Horace Latta was born ________;  Married VIOLET DUNCAN.
72     BEVERLY (6)
73     SARAH (6)
74     WILLIAM H. (6)





Notes: for 1 JAMES (1) LATTA: LATTY, JOHN. "On the 30th ult.,  JAMES LATTY, an old citizen of this County in the 102nd year of his age. He was a native of North Carolina, but had lived on the head waters of Brierfork for two generations. He volunteered in the revolutionary war; but his father, being in a helpless condition, furnished means for a substitute for his son." The Southern Advocate, Huntsville, April 11, 1860. It is attributed to Thomas M. Owen's 'Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama -

*Note:   Don't know if we're talking about the same James Latta, but it was too close to ignore.  It would put James's birth date at 1758 and his death date at 1860 which conflicts with the probate record for 1856.  Guess what I have to do??

Notes about;
8 ROBERT  T  (3) LATTA (Corporal)
Enlisted at age 21 at Murphee's Crossroads 2/6/1862. Sick in Blount County. POW at Stone River, TN and sent to Camp Douglas, ILL 12/31/1862. POW at Missionary Ridge and sent to Rock Island Prison on 12/5/1863. Paroled and admitted to General Hospital, Petersburg, VA on 4/6/1863. Furloughed for 60 days 5/19/1865 Complaint: Scalpt headf. Note from E.D. Wilson - 28th AL CAV history buff: "I think that the Robt A maybe a misprint-said he was Blount Co and age 21,so.. You might try Al for a death certificate-not sure they are public record. Al Archives has a nice web page, too.  I think Robt  was captured twice-Stone River or Murfreesboro battle was 12/31/1862 to 1/3/1863. The battle at Missionary Ridge was 9/1863 and the 28th suffered heavy casualties. It seems that the 28th POW'S all went to Rock Island, Ill. The conditions were terrible and a lot of CSA soldiers died there.

End notes; 
*Broderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #0795, Date of Import: Jan 17, 1997.  *Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Sep 15, 1996, Internal Ref. #
3.  *Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Sep 15, 1996, Internal Ref. #
4.  *Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: Sep 15, 1996, Internal Ref. #