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                                          1 CRISTOBEL ? (1) LATTA

 (I think, that's what I was told by my Aunt Exa Latta Morgan she sometimes gets confused) Wife: Lara. She was born abt. 1840.


2 WILLIAM (2) born abt: 1856. Married: Mary Ann Chrismon.

3 EARL CISERO (2) born circa 1864, married Emma Fincher

 4 MARY (2) born abt: 1866




                                           2 WILLIAM (2) LATTA

Cristobel (1) William was born abt: 1856; m. Mary Chrisman. She was born abt. 1844.


5 MARY V. (3) born abt: 1878

6 WILLIAM J. C. (3) born abt: 1879



                                         3 EARL CISERO (2) LATTA

Cristobel (1) Earl was born circa: 1864; m. Emma Fincher. She was born in July of 1860. Earl lived in Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, at the time of the 1900 census, and in Randolph Co. at the time of the 1920 census. His age varies from census to census. I do not know where he is buried. His wife is buried at Fredonia, but I do not know where that cemetery is located. I believe it is in Tallapoosa Co.


7 WILEY ELLIOTT (3) b. Sept. 14 1884 (SS Index) d. Dec. 15, 1971 in Valley, Chambers Co., AL (SS Index); m. Nannie Lou Stewart 1910 in Tallapoosa Co., Al,

10 MARY C. (3) b. 1886; m. Ray Maddux on March 14, 1908, Chambers Co., Al. He was born in 1885; 11 children: T. J., Irona Elizabeth, Alberta, Earl Lee, Camilla, Evie, Preston, Retha, Charlie, Rayford, and Percy.

11 MARTHA (3) b. 1889 Married: Calvin Stewart

12 LONIE A. (3) b. 1892 Married: Carlton Fincher, July 16, 1915 Chambers Co., Al

13 GEORGE WASHINGTON (3) Born: Jan. 1, 1899. Married: Anna Mae Allen.



                                     7 WILEY ELLIOTT (3) LATTA

Earl Cisero (2) Cristobel (1) Wiley Elliott was born September 14, 1884; d. Dec. 5, 1971; m. Nannie Lou Stewart in 1910 in Tallapoosa Co., Al. He and his wife are buried at the Lebanon Cemetery, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Nannie was born Mar. 18, 1888 and died Sept. 13, 1966.


14 LILLA MAE (4) b. Sept. 23, 1912; d. Apr. 9, 1923; buried at the Lebanon Cemetery; her tombstone reads "Lillie Mae."

15 FLOYCE L. (4) b. Sept. 8, 1914; d. Dec. 23, 1994; m. Hoyt Roberson. He was b. Mar. 8, 1912; d. Nov. 27, 1982. Both buried at Lebanon Cemetery.

16 JIM CALVIN (4) Married: Bessie ?

8 KENNETH EARL (4) b. Feb. 11, 1918; d. Sept. 7, 1991; m. Arlene M. Moncus. He changed his last name to Laddie.

17 EXA (4) Married Bill Morgan

18 OLEN (4) b. Apr. 14, 1925; d. Dec. 16, 1997 in Westover, Shelby Co., AL; m. Ruby Dqean Daughtery.

19 MARY KATE (4) Married: Alton Gaither.


                                    8 KENNETH EARL (4) LATTA/LADDIE

Wiley Elliott (3) Earl Cisero (2) Cristobel (1). Kenneth Earl was born Feb. 11, 1918; d. Sept. 7, 1991; *Changed Name to "Laddie." He died at Shelby Memorial Hospital in Alabaster Al., and is buried in THE Lebanon Cemetery near Dadeville Al. Wife: Lonnie Arlene Moncus. They were married Dec. 25 1937, in Tallapoosa Co., Al.


 9 JANET (5) "Laddie" Married: Mr. Prickett.






1999 Note By: 9 Janet (5) Laddie Prickett. I have not been able to trace them any further back than the census of 1880, for Tallapoosa Co. Al. They lived in the Poplar Springs district (they being William and his wife Mary. Lara, their mother, Earl my G Grandpa, Mary a sister, and William's children Mary V and William J.C. any help would be greatly appreciated. Cristobel was not mentioned in the 1880 Census or in any of the other Census records I have found from 1880-1920. I have searched Ga, and Tn, and S.C. records also but not as thoroughly as I have the Al records. Thanks for any help you can give. Date: 8/22/99 10:40:01 PM From: Janet Laddie Prickett To: George P. Latta I still have not verified that Christobel was my gg Grandfathers name, there seems to be some different tales in regards to his name. But I am still trying. My g g Grandmothers name was (I have documentation for this), Lara Latta , was 40 years old at the time of the 1880 census, living with her son William Latta who was 24 Years old at that time. His wife Mary Ann (Chrismon) Latta who was 36 years old, and Earl whose age was listed as 16 at that time, Her daughter Mary whose age is listed as 14, her granddaughter who was 2, and grandson Wm J C whose age was listed as 1. I did find a James Latter (Latta) on the 1830 census, haven't tied him in yet. One of my Aunts said "PaPa told us a long time ago that some of the Latta's changed their names to Lattimore", but she did not have any further information on that. I have also found another Laura Latta in Tallapoosa Co., Al. Birth Records I do not know how or if she is related to me. Laura Stewart Latta age 22 gave birth to a Female child Sept 3 1912 she was married to Elliott Latta age 25, on page 164 Cert# 65. I have questioned my aunts that are still living and other relatives, and no one has ever heard of another Laura or Elliott Latta. So I have another puzzle to work on. I will send the descendants of Wiley.