Preble County, Ohio

Joseph Latta - b. 1757 in Israel, Preble Co., OH; d. April 16, 1821. Married Mary McEwen on March 25, 1779. She was born abt. 1770. Joseph LATTA had the following subsequent spouses: Catherine McKinzie/McKenzie on August 13, 1899, and Elizabeth Forrester Walker, daughter of James Forrester and Sara Armstrong. (Joseph Latta married Elizabeth Forester Walker on March 23, 1820. He was her second husband. She was first married to Joseph Wilson Walker on Feb. 17, 1793 in Pine Creek, Northumberland Co., PA, and they had 10 children together, the last born in 1815 in Butler Co., OH)

In A History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, OH: The WALKER brothers were originally from Virginia, and when they came to Ohio were three in number. At their first settlement in the Miami Valley, near the mouth of the river, one of them was killed by the Indians. The perpetrators of the crime were not discovered until some years afterwards. It happened at a barn-raising near North Bend, in Hamilton County. The Indians were at this time on terms of comparative friendship with the whites. At this gathering of the people of the neighborhood, the Indian made it convenient to be present. In the drunken orgies which followed, they unsuspectingly told what a face Walker made and how he acted when he was killed. He was, they said, shot and then tomahawked. John and Joseph, after hearing the story, immediately left the raising for home. They secured their guns, and, while the Indians were leaving the country, dispatched two of them with balls from their rifles. It was said that these men avenged the death of their brother near the spot where he fell. The killing of the Indians caused some measures to be taken for the arrest of the WALKERs. In order to escape, they came to the neighborhood of SYMMES's Corners, changed their name to WILSON instead of WALKER, and after a few months erected the houses we have described as now standing. Joseph WALKER's house is tolerably well preserved. These brothers had a fine hunting dog which they called WALKER. They were great hunters and took delight in the chase. After remaining in this neighborhood for a few years they returned again to their old name, by which they were known up to the time of their death. Their descendants are now no longer in this section.

In 1820, a Joseph M. Latta is found in the Census in Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio. Joseph Latta was listed as a justice of the peace in Fairfield Township, Butler Co., OH. Butler County borders Preble County, Ohio. This is the same year that he married Elizabeth Walker in Butler County, Ohio. Elizabeth Latta shows up in 1830 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio, and in 1840 in Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio. Is Joseph M. Latta deceased?

1. Mary "Polly" Latta - b. Nov. 16, 1796 in Preble County, OH; d. June 7, 1837 at the age of 40; buried in the Hopewell Cemetery, Preble Co., OH; m. John Elliott on Sept. 15, 1825. They lived in Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio. John Elliott migrated from SC to Preble County, Ohio at a young age. They had three children: Joseph Latta Elliott, b. 1827; Esther Jane Elliott, b. 1829; and Ebenezer N. Elliott, b. 1831. (Unknown if she is the daughter of Joseph and Mary, but since she lived in Preble County, and her husband was also from SC, and her first born son was named "Joseph", she is placed here for the time being. Polly may have lived in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. She may have had these siblings: James, Ruth (m. Andrew Walker), John, Rachel (m. Robert Boyse), Evalina (m. William Walker.)

The following is written by Edwin Ebenezer Elliott and is excerpted from a
book about the descendants of Daniel Elliott who was assassinated in his
yard in South Carolina by Tories in 1780.

"John Elliott was born in Chester County, South Carolina but was only three
years old when brought to Ohio. He was the first brother of the family group
to marry and leave home and his WIFE WAS THE DAUGHTER OF A NEIGHBOR
(capitals mine/Connie Latta). She had been baptised as Mary but was always known as
'Polly' Latta and was so recorded in the marriage record by grandfather
Ebenezer. She is said to have been a most happy tempered woman ......" It
goes on to say she had 3 children and died some ten years after her

CENSUS: 1850 Ohio, Preble Co., Dixon Twp. lists the following family: John Elliott, age 46, born in South Carolina; Mgt. Elliott, age 36, born in Pennsylvania; Ebenezer Elliott, age 19, born in Ohio; Sarah Elliott, age 10, born in Ohio; John Elliott, age 8, born in Ohio; James Elliott, age 4, born in Ohio; Hugh Elliott, age 1, born in Ohio; Elizabeth Estes, age 17, born in Kentucky.

1860 Ohio, Preble Co., Dixon Twp. lists the following family: John Elliott, age 56, born in South Carolina; Sarah Elliott, age 20, born in Ohio; John Elliott, age 18, born in Ohio; James Elliott, age 13, born in Ohio; Hugh Elliott, age 11, born in Ohio; Mary Elliott, age 9, born in Ohio; William Elliott, age 7, born in Ohio; David Elliott, age 3, born in Ohio.

John was born at South Carolina in 1804. He was the son of Ebenezer Elliott and Esther Gaston. He married Mary "Polly" Latta at Preble Co., Ohio, on 15 September 1826. He married Margaret McMillan at Preble Co., Ohio, on 12 September 1839.

2. Rachel Latta - b. December 10, 1790 in Israel, Preble Co., OH; d. Sept. 8, 1870, in Sandusky, Lee County, Iowa. Married Robert Boyse, son of David Boyse and Jane Archer, on October 11, 1821, in Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio (Preble County Marriage Records 1808-1859 lists him as "Robert Bogue" on one internet site (, and lists "Rachel Latta to Robert Boyse, Oct. 11, 1821 by John Foster, JP" on another site. David Boyse and Jane Archer Boyse were born in Newry, County, Down, Ireland. Robert Boyse was born August 22, 1776 in a fort near Long Cane Settlement, South Carolina, during an Indian raid.

Robert Boyse married for his first wife, Jane "Jencey" McGaw, who was born Apr. 3, 1780 in Abbeville, SC. They were married Jan. 18, 1803 in Abbeville. They had 7 children:

1. Mary Boyse (b. in SC), (Preble Co. Marriages 1808-1859) Boyse, Mary P. to Gilmore, William - 05-01-1823
2. William McGaw Boyse (b. in SC),
3. John Hopewell Boyce (b. in Preble Co., OH) ,
4. Anna Archer Boyse (b. in Preble Co., OH),
5. James Boyse (b. in Preble Co., OH), (Preble Co. Marriages 1808-1859) Boyse, James to Irwin, Mary B.Jane - 11-05-1834
6. Samuel McGaw Boyse (b. in Preble Co., OH), and
7. Robert Archer Boyse (b. in Preble Co., OH). (Preble Co. Marriages 1808-1859) Boyse, Robert A. to Sterret, Eleanor - 03-20-1845

Robert and Jencey migrated from Long Cane Settlement, near Asheville, South Carolina, to Preble County, Ohio in 1808, according to family folklore, riding horseback and carrying their two children. That folklore also records that he served in the war of 1812. Jencey died August 10, 1820 and is buried in the Hopewell Church cemetery, Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio.

Robert Boyse and Rachel Latta Boyse had 6 children:

1. Joseph Latta Boyse, born Aug. 10, 1822 in Israel Twp., Preble Co., OH;
2. Mary Jane Boyse, born Feb. 15, 1824 in Israel Township, Preble Co., OH;
3. David Boyse, born Jan. 25, 1826 in Israel Township, Preble Co., OH;
4. Andrew Foster Boyse, born March 14, 1828 in Israel Township, Preble Co., OH), (Preble Co. Marriages 1808-1859) Boyse, Andrew F. to Vandyke, Ann Eliza - 12-24-1856
5. Alexander Porter Boyse, born Oct. 27, 1831 in Israel Township, Preble Co., OH; and
6. Rachel Latta Boyse, born July 28, 1834 in Israel Township, Preble County, OH.

Robert Boyse died January 13, 1847 in Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio, and was buried in the Hopewell Church Cemetery. Rachel Latta Boyse migrated with members of the Boyse family to Iowa and died on September 8, 1870, in Sandusky, Iowa. She is buried in Sandusky Cemetery, Lee County, Iowa. An abridged session record from the Hopewell Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is copied for general historical interest regarding the expected deportment of church members: "Hopewell, Aug 9th 1850: Session met… Certificates (of dismissal) were granted to Mrs. Rachel Boyce and her daughters, Anna & Mary Jane and her sons David & Andrew F. Boyce. David M. McDill, Clerk"

Robert Boyse purchased land in Range 01, Township 06, Section 03 on January 14, 1808. No record for this sale at the Preble County courthouse. It is possible that this record is at the Butler County Courthouse in Hamilton, Ohio. The record of the sale of the North West ¼ of Section 3, Township 6, Range 1 from Robert Boyse to Abner S. Scott for eleven hundred dollars, on August 25, 1832. This sale was witnessed by John Pinkerton, Justice of the Peace and John H. Boyse. Rachel Boyse, Robert's second wife, apparently could not write as the deed copy states she signed with her mark.

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church was formed 1806-07 by several Scotch-Irish members of the Associate Reform Church who left South Carolina because of their opposition to slavery. The church became a stop on the underground railroad. The site is now part of the Ohio State Park system.

References to the Boyse family are given in "The History of Preble County, Ohio" published in 1881; James Boyse was an active member and organizer of The Hopewell Church there. He put up the first house roofed with shingles. He was one of three persons who laid out the town of Claysburgh in 1833, but it did not develop.

It is during the time James, Robert, and David were in Ohio that the Boyse name changed to Boyce. James' head stone reads "Boyce", while David's (who died earlier) and Robert's (who died later) head stones both read "Boyse". As of August 18, 1840, when he wrote his will two years prior to his death, James was still spelling his name "Boyse". By 1858, the earliest plat map in existence, the property was listed under "John H. Boyce". Also William Mc Gaw's stone in the Hopewell Cemetery reads "McGaw" while his wife Mary's stone reads "Magaw".

Robert Boyse left his estate without a will. As was typical, his wife Rachel, relinquished her right to administer his estate, leaving the duties to stepson, John H. Boyse, and her son, Joseph L. Boyse . The estate was estimated to be worth about $3000 ($1000 property/estate and $2000 bonds). The auction, or crying sale, as they were commonly called, was held March 31, 1847.

When Robert died, he left two children under the age of 21, Ananias (Andrew) Foster Boyse and Alexander (Headstone reads BOYSE) Porter Boyse . Apparently, guardians were required to be appointed until they reached the age of 21. The guardianship papers were both filed on October 6, 1848. Ananias/Andrew chose his half-brother, Robert A. Boyse, as his guardian, while Alexander chose his half-brother, William M. Boyse as his guardian.

Text of legal guardianship document:

Know all Men by these Presents: That we penal sum of Dollars, to the payment of which well and truly to be made, we do hereby jointly and severally bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, sealed with our seals, and dated this . The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the said has this day been duly appointed, by the Court of Common Pleas, within and for the County of Preble and State of Ohio, Guardian of deceased. Now if the said shall discharge with fidelity the trust reposed in and render an accurate statement of transactions, with a just account of the profits arising and accruing from the real or personal estate of ward, and deliver up the same to the Court, when thereunto required, agreeably to the true intent and meaning of the law then this obligation to be void, otherwise, be and remain in full force and virtue in law.

Ananias' document was the same, substituting "Anany Boyse aged 20 years" for "Alexander P Boyse…", and "Robert A Boyse" for "William M Boyse".

Filed with Alexander's document (and virtually unreadable) was an account filed by William M Boyse to the Court. The account was settled with payment by Alexander of $84.44, (on 29 October 1852, according to the Probate Abstract).

Subject: [LATTA] Joseph LATTA
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:57:59 -0800
From: "Roncon3" <>

Hello, Lattas, As I'm sure you know I'm getting desperate to know from whom
my Mary "Polly" Latta is descended. She is one of my ggg grandmothers. A
friend and researcher in Preble County, OH, found in the Preble Co. library
the following:

THE GENEALOGICAL RECORD OF ONE BRANCH OF THE BOYCE FAMILY IN AMERICA, compiled by Earnest Boyce, 1972. His address is 1601 Granger Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. (Yes, Earnest is the correct spelling.)

Near the back of the book is a photo of a Bible called THE STERLING KANSAS
BIBLE. "This bible was purchased by Joseph Latta in the year 1804 in Charlestown, Indiana." In the family record section, there are Boyces and Lattas. Some of the
writing is not clear. What we know from this book:

Robert Boyce was born 22 Aug 1776 in a for in South Carolina and died 13
Jan 1847 and is buried in the Hopewell Church, Preble Co, OH cemetery. His
first wife was Jane "Jencey" McGaw, 1780-1820. His second wife was Rachel
Latta, b. 10 Dec, 1790 and d. 8 Sep 1870 near Sandusky,Iowa.

There were seven children in the 1st marriage, and six children in the 2nd
marriage. The 2nd set of children are:

Joseph Latta Boyce b 10 Aug 1822 OH, bap. 25 Aug 1822, m Martha Hudson
Wooley. He d 20 Nov 1903, Sterling KS, no issue
Mary Jane Boyce
David Boyce
Andrew Foster Boyce
Alexander Porter Boyce
Rachel Latta Boyce
Joseph Latta (1757-1821) married Mary McEwen 25 Mar 1779. He married
Catharine McKinzie (McKenzie?) 13 Aug 1800. (Note from Connie: I'm wondering
if he didn't then marry Elizabeth Walker in 1820.)

From the Bible (misspellings and grammar idiosyncrasies included):
Joseph Latta and Mary McLwen (?) was married March the 25th 1779.
Joseph Latta and Catharine McKinzie his second wife was married Agust (as
written) the 13th Day 1800.

Ephraim Favor and Esther Latta was married July the 16th Day 1801.
Josephine Cochran and Elisabeth Latta was married February the 3rd 1803.
(note from Connie: I assume it was Joseph Cochran).

John Latta and Margret Woodside was married February the 5th 1803.
Ruth Latta and Andrew Walker was married October the 22 18??. (From
Ancestry: Oct 22, 1805)
Robert Boyse and Rachel Latta was married October the 11th 1821.
Mary Latta was married to John Elliott on the 18th of September 1825. (Note
from Connie: These are my ggg grandparents. They were married in Butler Co
John Latta was born about Sun Rise on Wednesday the fourth Day of October 1720.
Esther Latta was born near dark on Monday the twenty fourth Day of March 1723(8?).
Elisabeth Latta was born about Sunrise on Sabbath morning the fourth Day of Sept, 1725.
Ruth Latta was born on Thursday the twenty fifth Day of October 1727 about 2 of clock in morn.
Rachel Latta born on Friday the tenth Day of December about three of the clock in the morning 1790.
Evelina Latta born on Monday the twenty-eight Day of January about one of the clock in the morn. 1793 (8?)
Mary Latta born on Saturday the 26th of November about ten of the clock in the forenoon, 1796.
Hiram Latta born on Tuesday the 28th Day of July about half an hour after sunrise 1821.
Joseph Latta born December the 31st Day 1804 about Day break on Monday morning.
Nancy McLinzie (?) Latta born on Sabbath the 19th Day of September 1809 about Eight of the clock in the morning.
Mailda Long (Lang?) Latta born near eight o'clock on Tuesday Morning the Second day of July 1810 (?).
Mary Latta departed this life September the 7th day 1790 (1792?). To Joseph Latta born a second son by his wife Catharine the 13th day of January and died the 30th of the same month 1804.
Joseph Latta Junior daparted this life January the 20th, aged four years and twenty days.
Catharine Latta departed this life September the 18th (11th?) 1816.
Ruth Latta Walker departed this life January the 21st day eighteen hundred and eighteen, aged thirty years two months and twenty seven days.
Joseph Latta departed this life April 16th - 1821 in the sixty fourth year of his age.
Hiram Latta departed this life on Wednesday night the 2nd of October, a little after 12 o'clock. 1822 in the 22nd year of his age.
Matilda Long Latta departed this life on the 19th of September 1829 about half past eleven P.M. aged 18 years 2 months 17 days.
Easter L.Lure (?) (The next word is Latta and it is marked out.) departed this life this August 7th 1832. Mary Elliott departed this life June 22nd 1834.
I haven't actually seen this book, but I expect to soon!


2/17/2002 (also from Connie)

Since many of my ancestors spent time in Preble County, OH, I have been looking at church records, etc., there. From about 1819 to 1833, the Rev. Alexander Porter who had been in SC was pastor of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Israel Twp, Preble Co, OH, and kept a list of families in the church, of baptisms and admittance to communion, and visitations. He wrote this in Weston shorthand which was unreadable and unusable until 1964 when the late Homer H. Irwin transcribed it. The visitations are particularly important to me because in 1821, Rev. Porter visited Robert Boyse and Rachel and their children Polly, Wm., John, Anny, Sam'l, Rob't ... and Joseph LABA (or LATA)? ... I am presuming that's the transcriber's note, and a Mary Jane. Robert Boyse married Rachel LATTA in 1821 in Preble County. Further, the same year, I am assuming, he visited Hugh McQuiston and Margt. and their children William, David, Arch'bd, Hugh, David McQuiston (I assume a relative but not a son) and Polly LATA.