Note D

AMERY LATTA Married: Baltimore Calvert.

Lord Baltimore, or some other member of the Calvert family, gave a 99 year lease to valuable property in Baltimore , Maryland. And that lease has expired. This branch of the Calvert family intermarried with the Latta family. The only information I can get is from the old family Bible of Mrs. Ester ( Latta) Hickerson, which in 1929 was owned by Orien F. Deater, a descendant of Ester (Latta) Hickerson, of Muskegon, Mich. He said that the writing is very dim, and some of it has been tron out. But he makes out that AMERY LATTA Married Baltimore Calvert, and it mentions Dora (Hickerson) Deater. Mr. W.A. Hickerson, of Tacoma, Wash. Wrote that he and his sister sent all the information to Mr. Emmet Galloway, La Grange, Ind. Mr. Galloway is dead, and the papers lost. Mrs. May Barnum, of Alto, Mich. Writes, " My mother told me in an early day that there was a large fortune coming to her or her heirs, that 1100 acres of land was given by Lord Baltimore to his daughter, Prudence for a wedding gift, and she leased it to the city of Baltimore for 99 years. That the lease expired in 1907". Her mother was Elizabeth Faught, Daughter of Robert and Isabella Waddell Latta. Branch No. 1 family No.7. I do not have the name of Elizabeth as one of the children of 7 Robert Latta.