Note G  

James Latta to Nancy Allen, Aug 24, 1790. Father, Jacob Allen. NOTE 3
James Latta to Elizabeth Dunlap, Apr 21, 1798. Witness, Alex Lackey.
James Latta to Patsy Moore, June 27, 1804. Witness, George Moore.
James Latta to Winnie Vrasey, Aug 21, 1865.
James Latta to Hannah Holloway, Oct. 8, 1806, Witness: John Latta
James C. Latta to Sarah Thompson, Sept. 21, 1845, Witness: James Hobbs
James Latta to Polly Scarlett, Oct. 18, 1804, Witness: Jno. Piper Branch 7
John Latta to Maria Burton, Dec 16, 1835. Witness, Thomas Latta Branch 15
John Latta to Monna Burton, June 29, 1827.
John Latta to Nancy Cabe, Dec 8, 1812. Witness, Joseph Latta. Branch 15
John Latta to Sarah May, June 18, 1804, Witness: John Latta
John Latta to Sarah Scarlott, August 26, 1806, Witness: James Latta
Joseph Latta to Sarah Cabe, Jan. 22, 1810, Witness: John Latta
Joseph H. Latta to Sarah Chambers, Sept. 25, 1816, Witness: James Freeland
Joseph S. Latta to Susan M. Turner, Nov. 9, 1854, Witness John Latta
Robert Latta to Nancy Riley, June 29, 1827
Robert Latta to Nancy Rily, June 29, 1827, Witness Wm. Tilly
Simpson Latta to Hawkins Alston, Mar. 1, 1852, Witness Jno. McManus
Simpson Latta to Hawkins Malone, Feb 2, 1843. Witness, James Latta. Branch 15
Thomas Latta to Polly Moore, Oct 4, 1803.
Thomas Latta to Elizabeth Halsting, Oct. 25, 1791, Witness John Latta
Thomas Latta to Janey Scarlett, Aug. 28, 1810, Witness, James Latta
Thomas J. Latta to Elizabeth Crabtree, Nov. 20, 1837, Witness Solomon Latta Branch 7
William G Latta to Sarah Jane Borough, Feb 5, 1861, Witness, Geo. Pratt.
Wm. Latta to Margaret Hicks, Jan. 31, 1856, Witness, Wm. Warran.
Wm. R. Latta to Rachel Jackson, Nov. 16, 1867.
Pressley Latta to Mary Ashley, July 13, 1854, Witness Wm. Ellis
Richard Latta to Allice Craig, Jan. 27, 1866, Witness, Dick Webb
Solomon Latta to Elizabeth Wilson, Aug. 16, 1814, Witness, Tyree Garrard Branch 7
Elizabeth Latta to Morgan Carrington, Feb 23, 1808. Witness, John Car
Elizabeth Latta to Shadrack Chandler, Feb 27, 1810. Witness, James Latta & 
J. Taylor.
Elizabeth Latta to Robert Davis, April 16, 1810. Witness, John Latta & J. 
Taylor. Branch 15
Elizabeth Latta to Tyree Garrard, March 7, 1809. Witness, John Latta & J. 
Taylor  (NOTE: Tyree Garrard was a witness to the wedding of Solomon Latta to Elizabeth Wilson of Branch 7.  Would this link Branch 7 to Branch 15 since the witnesses were John Latta and J. Taylor???

Elizabeth Latta to John A McMannen, Dec 14, 1832. Witness, James F Warren & 
J. Taylor.
Ann Latta to James H. Ray, Dec. 28, 1793, Witness James Latta
Elizabeth Latta to Jonathan Thompson, Oct 1, 1838. Witness, Pomeroy Crabott. Branch 15
Polly Latta to John Walker, Oct. 2, 1829, Witness Jacob Wagoner.
Ellenor Latta to Robert Walker, Apr. 18, 1791, Witness Wm. Walker.
Emily Harris to James T. Warren, July 2, 1833, Witness Thomas Latta.
Frances Latta to James Willis, May 3, 1852, Witness E. G. Gray.
Duncan Latta to Martha Phillips, May 25, 1867.
Henderson Latta to Anne Rhew, Nov. 6, 1834, Witness, W. Nelson. Branch 7
{Robert Davis married either Jane or Mary Latta in Branch No.15}
{George McMannen married to Elizabeth Latta in Branch No. 10}
{Surname Garrard is found in Branches 7 & 10 & 15}

The above was furnished by Mr. Fred A Olds, Collector for the Hall of History, 
NC. Historical Commission, NC. Aug 3, 1926. And by Rev. William H Latta, 
Windsor, NC. Nov 2, 1936. State Capitol, Raleigh, NC. He is of Branch No. 7. Mr. 
Olds says: " I do not find any bonds in the Letter "L" case, As far back as 
1776-80. The records of the county of Orange N.C. were removed in January 1781, 
on the approach of the British army, and were buried in the woods, and they were 
spoiled by the rain etc."


1) Isaac Latta to Martha Minor, Dec 22, 1865. Bondsman, C. Gooch.
2) Thomas Latta to Luetta Barnett, Oct 7, 1847. Bondsman, James D Hobgood
All the Latta marriages in Gibson County, TN are branch 22, with the possible exception of
Robert S. Latta to Mary G. Guthrie.

Charles T. Latta to Martha S. Coleman, Dec. 28, 1859
Harvey M. Latta to Charlott H. Alsabrooks, October 16, 1834
James Latta to Martha J. Harrison, Dec. 7, 1846
Robert S. Latta to Mary G. Guthrie, Dec. 6, 1852
Elizabeth Lattie to Edmond W. Rains, Nov. 15, 1828
Nancy Lattie to Moses B. Hawkins, July 29, 1835
Margaret Latty to Henry Duffy, Oct. 22, 1839