Note H

                           The BASTILE and MICHAEL LATTA

       Among the curiosities belonging to the late Miss Stafford, Of Trenton, 
N.J. is a gold breastpin which is a facsimila of the key of the Bastile, of 
Paris, France. During the Revolution that brought Louis XVI to the block on that 
memorable day, 14th of July, 1789. MICHAEL LATTA, a Frenchman, led the attack 
upon the prison and fortress, and this pin was awarded to him for his daring and 
gallantry by a secret order then existing in France. He afterwards emigrated to 
this country (USA), and Married for his 2nd wife a friend of Miss Stafford and 
settled in N.J.. Years latter the wife gave the souvenir to miss Stafford.
        This was taken from a Philadelphia paper, Nov 1879, Before the 17.The 
above was given to me by Mrs. Mary A.L. Jones, Daughter of William Sutton Latta, 
Branch No. 8, Family 11. I have written to various persons an to various courts 
for information, with no success.
        The Bastile was destroyed by order of Lafayette, who then sent a picture 
of it, and the principal key, to Washington, They are now at Mt Vernon,.....Life 
of Washington, By Washington Irving.