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               ROBERT LATTA, b. abt. 1767, spirit dealer, married to AGNES BORLAND on July 23, 1790 in Dundonald, Ayr. Agnes born October 1768 in Monkton & Prestwick, Ayr, baptized Oct. 9, 1768.   Children:

         2       ROBERT (2) b. Jan. 25, 1801 at Monkton, Ayr (LDS MF #1041399)

         3        JEAN (2) b. Aug. 14, 1796 in Symington, Ayr, baptized Aug. 14, 1796; m. Daniel Hood on Nov. 19, 1815 in St. Quivox and Newton, Ayr. Daniel was a "roadman."

        4        ANN (2) b. abt. 1803; m. William Wall (probably Watt from the note below about the Churchyard), spirit merchant; d. May 9, 1873 at St. Quivox (Parish of St. Quivox & Newton, Ayr Pg. 4 #12 - at 11 h PM, Whitletts, 70 yrs. of diarrhoea, 65 weeks, cert. Thomas Simpson [Note: William Simpson below who married Agnes Latta], nephew, present.  Children: Charles Hood, b. Nov. 25, 1818 and c. Dec. 6, 1818 (LDS MF #1041399); and Agnes b. at Preswick on Dec. 21 and c. Dec. 30, 1821

From St Quivox Churchyard

Erected by William Simpson of Whitletts to the memory of his daughter Mary died 1st Feb 1835 aged 15; also of his son James d 28 Jan 1848 aged 18 also his daughter Ann d 12 mar 1850 aged 18 and of his son David who died 23 May 1860 aged 24; The above William Simpson d 1 May 1867 aged 74; Agnes Latta his wife died 31 July 1870 aged 78;Thomas Simpson d 11 Oct 1905 aged 84 [Is Agnes Latta Simpson another daughter to Robert  and Agnes above?]

Also in St Quivox

Ann Latta in memory of her husband William Watt d 7 Jan 1851 aged 68; Margaret Latta her niece d 12 April 1846 aged 22. The above Ann latta d 9 May 1873 aged 70; Robert Watt d at Mount Florida Glasgow 17 Feb 1906 aged 62 "Blessed are the dead which die in the LORD"


In the 1851 Census, there is a Mary Latta, age 41, seamstress, living at High Road, Whitletts, St. Quivox, with her son, James Thomson, age 14, born at St. Quivox. Mary Latta may also be a daughter to Robert Latta and Agnes Borland, and lived close to her brother, Robert Latta below. She states that she was born at St. Quivox.

1841 - Census, St. Quivox-Ayrshire, Address: Whitletts Village
NEIL, Davis, age 30, shoemaker journeyman, b. Ayrshire
NEIL, Sarah, age 30, b. Ayrshire
NEIL, David, age 5, b. Ayrshire
NEIL, Agnes, age 3, b. Ayrshire
NEIL, Elizabeth, age 1, b. Ayrshire
LATTA, Mary, age 35, female servant, b. Ayrshire
HOOD, Robert, age 25, wright journeyman, b. Ayrshire [NOTE:Jean Latta above married Daniel Hood]
DICK, Janet, age 10, b. outside census county
1841 - Census, St. Quivox-Ayrshire, Address: Kirk Hill St. Quivox
LATTA, Ann, age 26, publican, b. Ayrshire
LATTA, Margaret, age 17, female servant, b. Ayrshire
THONSON, James, age 4, b. Ayrshire [should this be "Thompson"?]
WATT, William, age 52, teacher, b. Ayrshire
1852 Census, St. Quivox-Ayrshire, Address: High Road, Whitletts
LATTA, Mary, head, unmarried, age 41, seamstress, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
THOMSON, James, son, age 14, scholar, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox

Also on LDS MF #1041399 is listed under Monkton, Ayr, Sct, Baptisms

LYLE, Emmilia, b. Feb. 19, 1817 and c. Marc. 16, 1817, d/o of George Lyle, labourer, in Crosshill and Margaret Latta, his spouse; LYLE, Janet, b. May 17 and c. May 31, 1819 (same parents); LYLE, Mary, b. July 4 and c. Aug __, 1821 at Crosshill; LYLE, Thomas, b. Mar. 10 and c. Mar. 26, 1824 at Crosshill, and LYLE, Susanna, b. July 26 and c. July 29, 1827.



Robert (1). b. Jan. 25, 1801 at Monkton, Ayr; d. Feb. 23, 1834 at Kilmarnock.  married Helen Manson. She was born Feb. 6, 1809 at St. Quivox, and died in 1890. He was a farmer at St. Quivox, Whitletts Village, Ayrshire, Scotland. In the 1841 Census, he lived at Whitletts Village, St. Quivox, and in the 1851 Census, he lived on the Main Road, Whitletts, St. Quivox.  Children:

          5. MARGARET - b. 1835 at St. Quivox; [is she the "Margaret Latta her niece d 12 April 1846 aged 22" listed above at St. Quivox churchyard?]

          6. AGNES - b. 1837 at St. Quivox.

          7. JANET - b. 1839 at St. Quivox; d. June 9, 1859; m. John Robertson at St. Quivox and Newton, Ayr, Scotland.  Buried in the Stair Cemetery, Stair, Scotland

          8. JANE - b. 1842 at St. Quivox.

          9. WILLIAM - b. 1845 at St. Quivox; never married.

        10. ROBERT - b. 1949 at St. Quivox; never married.

1841 Census, St. Quivox-Ayrshire, Scotland, Address: Whitletts Village

LATTA, Robert, age 35, farmer, b. Ayrshire
LATTA, Helen, age 30, born Ayrshire
LATTA, Margaret, age 6, born Ayrshire
LATTA, Agnes, age 4, born Ayrshire
LATTA, Janet, age 2, born Ayrshire
REID, David, age 15, farm servant, born Ayrshire
MCLIMONT, Ferguson, age 12, farm servant, born Ayrshire
1851 Census, St. Quivox, Ayrshire, Address: Main Road, Whitletts
LATTA, Robert, age 50, farmer, 36 Ac Prop 18 Ac I Lab, born Ayrshire-Monkton
LATTA, Helen, age 42, wife, farmer's wife, b. Ayrshire - St. Quivox
LATTA, Margaret, dau., age 16, scholar, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
LATTA, Agnes, dau., age 14, scholar, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
LATTA, Janet, dau., age 12, scholar, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
LATTA, Jane, dau., age 9, scholar, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
LATTA, William, son, age 6, scholar, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
LATTA, Robert, son, age 2, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
WILSON, William, servant, single, age 18, farm labourer, b. Ayrshire-St. Quivox
STEWART, Mary, servnt, single, house servant, b. Bute-Arran
1861 Scotland Census: Main R., St. Quivox, Ayrshire
Robert Latta, 60, farmer, 50 ac, 2 man, 2 woman
Hellen Latta, 52
Agness Latta, 19, dau.
Jane Latta, 24, dau
Robert Latta, 12, son, scholar
William Latta, 16, son
Collin Pyper, 21, servant
1871 Scotland Census: Main Rd., St. Quivox, Ayrshire
Robert Latta, 70, b. Monkton, Taymer of 62 Acall Arable employing 6 colomms?? 2 Bors
Helen Latta, 62
Robert Latta, 22, son, farmers son
Helen I. Latta, 9, grand-daughter, b. St. Quivox, scholar [whose dau. is she?]
Jane McClellan, 21, servant
[Where is son William in 1871?]
1881 Scotland Census: St. Quivox, Ayrshire, Main Rd.
Helen Latta, 72, widow
William Latta, 36, son, proprietor of lands
Robert Latta, 32, son, farmer, 78 acres
John Robertson, 18, grandson, grocer [this would be Janet's son]
1891 Scotland Census: Dalmilling Farm, St. Quivox, Ayrshire
William Latta, 46, farmer, b. St. Quivox
Robert Latta, 42, brother, farmer, b. St. Quivox
Mary McGill, 25, servant
1901 Scotland Census: Briashill Rd., Ellenbank, Monkton & Prestwick, Ayrshire
William Latta, 56, head, b. St. Muior, Ayrshire, living on own means
Robert Latta, 52, brother, b. St. Muior, retired farmer
Annie McBustrie, 45, servant, housekeeper