Note J

                                        1 WILLIAM (1) LATTA,

Married Elizabeth Thompson, a widow, sister of Mary Ann Klever. I think he lived 
about ten miles from Washington Court House, Fayette Co. Ohio. In 1897 his 
relatives lived there. At least two Children;
2    WILLIAM H (2)
      Unknown Female (2)

                                      2 WILLIAM (2) LATTA,
William (1) Born____. Died at Denver, Colo in 1886. Married Margaret Garry, of 
Chicago, Ills. He worked for the Excelsior stone Co. Of Chicago from 1879 to 
1884. He was reared in Fayette Co. Ohio. And lived there until the war of 1861. 
He enlisted as a private in "A" Co.2d Regt. U.S. vol. Inf. Enrolled Feb 24, 1865 
and Mustered into the U.S. service for one year on March 7, 1865
At Todd Barracks, Columbus, Ohio, By Capt. Stivers, U.S.A. Mustering Officer. He 
was appointed Corporal Sept 5, 1865. Mustering out Feb 24, 1866. At Elmira N.Y. 
on the expiration of service.
            In 1886, when about 44 years of age, he was Killed by a stone 
falling from the State Capitol Building , at Denver, Colo. He put himself in 
danger when he saw the stone falling by pausing and warning others from under it. 
He saved others but was himself killed. His widow died in Denver Jan 18, 1913 
aged 65 years. No Children.
            Mr Ed Klever, of Bloomington, Ohio, on June 20, 1907, wrote;
 " His (William Latta) Mother was a sister to my (Ed Klever) mother , and Mrs. 
Latta died when I was a small boy. All I know was what my mother told me of 
William Latta's mother. She was married the second time to William Latta, and I 
think two children by that marriage, One boy and one girl. William Latta had a 
half sister living at Mt. Sterling, Ohio, By the name of Robinson. I think that 
Mr. Latta's father came from Roxabel, Ross Co., Ohio.

  I (Robert H Latta) wrote to Mrs. Robinson, but she was not at Mt. Sterling. If 
his father lived at Roxabel, Ohio, I think he belonged to BRANCH No.10.