Note K

                                     1 ________ (1) LATTA
Lived in Ireland. Supposed to be at Belfast, Ireland. 
Two known children;
2    MATTHEW (2)
3    WILLIAM (2)

                                       2 MATTHEW (2) LATTA
______(1) Born in Ireland. Married and one known child.
        JOHN (3)

                                        3 WILLIAM (2) LATTA
______(1) Born in Ireland. Married: Mary Jane _______. In Ireland. She was born 
in Scotland.
He lived in Belfast, Ireland. They came to America when their son, Alexander W 
was small. They settled in Giles Co. Tenn. And later went to Woodford Co., Ky.  
Where he died about the close of the Civil war. Two known children;
       Unknown Female (3) Married John Harris and went west.
4     ALEXANDER W (3)

                                      4 ALEXANDER W (3) LATTA
William (2) ______(1) Born Belfast, Ireland. Died about 1826. Married: ????. 
Came to America with his parents, who settled in Gile Co., Tenn. And later 
Woodford Co. Ky. Had one known child;
        WILLIAM T (4) He lived at Indianapolis, Ind. In Dec 1918. He wrote;
" I have heard my father speak of his Uncle Matthew, and his cousin, John Latta"

{ This looks as if he was connected with BRANCH No. 22. see page 4, of  
Memorandum  book, for Woodford Co., Ky families}