Note M

                    1 DAVID (1) LATTA,
Born in England. Married . Had one known Child;

                     2 ROBERT MICHAEL (2) LATTA,
David (1) Born in England, Came to America sometime in the 1840's, and 
participated in the gold rush in 1849. Became a naturalized American Citizen. Returned to England and 
died there. Married and had at least three children;
4    Unknown Female (3) Married: Mr. Moule. In 1937, lived in England.
5    EMILY (3) Lived in England.

                 3 ALEXANDER FREDERICK (3) LATTA,
Robert M (2) David (1) Born at Owen Sound, Canada, at the time the Indians were 
fighting the whites, so his mother took him to England, and he returned to America some time 
near 1903.  Married and had at least two children;
6      ERIC ROBERT (4)
7      IVAN C (4) Born at Galgary, Canada. In 1936 lived at 4120 Greenwood Ave., 
Seattle, Wash.

                   6 ERIC ROBERT (4) LATTA,
Alex F (3) Robert M (2) David (1) Born in England in 1899. In 1937 he was an 
Accountant. Lived at Dublin St, New Westminster, B.C., Canada. Married and one known child;
8      GORDON ERIC (5)



4 Eric Robert (4) Latta, Oct. 23, 1936, Writes;
" I have your letter of the 19th inst. Regarding the family tree of the Latta's, 
Also your letter to
my brother, Ivan C Latta, of Seattle, Wash. Which he sent me for reply.
       It is a funny thing, But does the compilation of the family tree run in 
the family of the Latta's,
because practically all my adult life I have had the ambition to complete as far 
as possible the
history of my immediate family. This I have eventually done, although I sent it 
to England for
completion. This parcel unfortunately has come back, without being delivered, so 
at the present
time I cannot finish my work. My father is the only son of David Latta. As near 
as I can find out
from my Dad, This is the line up of the eldest sons from my grandfather down:
       David Latta. Robert Michael Latta. Alexander F Latta. (My Father). Eric R 
latta (My self).
Gordon Eric Latta (My son).
Now I have spent considerable time in compiling this tree, and naturally anxious 
not to lose it. At
the present time my father is endeavoring to locate my Aunt, Mrs. Moule, who he 
believes can fill
in a lot of the gaps in the tree.  Now do you want me to send you this tree 
before it is completed,
or would you like to wait untill we find the missing anut in England ? Kindly 
let me know.
          It is a surprising thing when you check up on your ancestors that some 
of them did in their
lives. For instance my grandfather, Michael Latta came to the USA some time in 
the 1840's and
participat in the 1849 gold rush. He was Naturalized as an American Citizen, 
then returned to
England and died.
          My father was born in Owen Sound, Canada. At the time the Indians were 
fighting with the
Whites, and owning to the uncertainty of the times my grandmother took her 
family back to
England, from which country my Dad took a boat from in or sometime near 1903. I 
was born
over in the old country in 1899. My brother, Ivan was born in Calgary, Canada, 
in 1903 or 1904.
I'm not sure which, however the chart has all the information on it.
         Now if you can give me any information as to my particular branch I 
would certainly be glad
to get it. Further, I will be glad to co-operate with you in furnishing any 
information I can give
you. Yes, I would like to have the Latta Coat of Arms. It would be a nice 
addition to the family
bible which came to me when my grandmother died. Unfortunately the record of 
births, death, and
Marriages, was torn out by someone in England. But some time I may be able to 
get my hands on
it. I am an Account by trade, and have been fortunate during the recent 
depression in being in
steady work. Any further information you want Please let me know.
Eric R Latta.

          (Note from Robert H Latta) April 1, 1937. He writes the he received a 
letter from his anut
in England, and sent the record to her to finish it. He says he will send it to 
me when she returns
it. He sent it to her about the time I wrote to him for it.