Note O

                                   1 WILLIAM (1) LATTA,

Born in Ireland. Lived in the town of Castlethird, Parish of Taughboyne, six miles 
from Londonderry. His forefathers lived there before the battle of the Boyne, in 
1.	William(2) died in 1801.
2.	Thomas(2)
3.	James(2) b. 1835. Single. In 1907 lived with his sister Elizabeth at 
	Castlethird, Carrigans Londonderry, Ireland.
4.	Elizabeth(2)b.1839. single.
5.	Mary Ann(2)b.1849.Married Mr. McKnight, a farmer, had four children; Thomas,d.about1924; 
Catherine in 1934 lived with her sister Mary.Rebecca,b.1885 ; in 1905 lived at 
Castlethird, Churchtown, P.O. Londonderry, Ireland. Afterwards went to Boston, 
Mass. U.S.A. as a nurse married. Mary in 1934 lived in Belmont,285 Curch Road, Yardley, Birmingham,England. Married
Mr. Dobson.
6.	Samuel(2)

                                  2 Thomas(2) Latta,

William(1) Married Anne Carey. Lived at Latta Brooks Nova Scotia. Canada which 
was named
after him. He owned land there. Children:
Mary(3) Maitland, Nova Scotia. Married Mr. Shay. After his death she moved to 
Waterville, Maine and died at Portland, Maine aged 101 years
Catherine(3) m. Mr. Warmofsky. In 1905 lived in Waterville Maine.
Caroline(3) m. Robert Dimmock a sea captain. Their daughter Letisha, m. Mr. Colby 
and in 1934 lived in Waterville Maine. She was born at Latta Brooks, Nova Scotia, 
Canada. She had a cousin Libbie Latta McDonald, who in1934 lived at Maple Grove, 
Hants Co. Nova Scotia.
     See Branches Nos.4 and 2 and notes P and S.
----------------------------------          In the Hearth Money Rolls,(hearth 
tax) of 1663, Jon Lata of Tullyennan,Parish of Taughboyne , Donegal, Ireland, 
paid the tax. His name and also the name of William Lata, appears again in 1665. 
In 1794 John Latta was a householder at St. Johnston, Taughboyne,(or Taboin),---
-Jean Craig, Asst. Secretary, Presbyterian Historical Society, 19 Church House, 
Belfast, Ireland, in 1934.
Are these three men related to 1 William (1) Latta, Note 0 above.

        In 1933 report of the Presbytary of Derry, Ireland, the names of Robert 
Latta and John Latta
appears in the list of Crossroads Presbyterian Church. They lived somewhere in 
the neighborhood of Carrigans of Castlehird--Rev. John McClean, Crossroads 
Manse, Bogay , County Donegal, Ireland(Free State) on May 27, 1934. These men 
may be related to Note O above. Information given by Rev. James Houston, B.A., 
Malin, County Donegal , Ireland, May 7, 1934