Note P

                                      1 JAMES (1) LATTA,
Married. Lived in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. Had at least two sons:
2    DENNIS (2)
      JAMES (2)

                                    2 DENNIS (2) LATTA,
James (1). Born in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. At Roxbury (near Boston),
Mass., he married Margaret Currie, Daughter of Luther Currie, of Ipswich, Mass.
She was born May 1, 1837. When 19 years of age he came to the USA and took
charge of a cotton factory at Lawrence, Mass. He then went to Taunton, Mass and
worked on a farm, where he was killed in March, 1870. For some unknown reason he
changed the spelling of his name to LATTY. In 1906 his widow was living at
Cleveland, Ohio. Six children;
        J.E. (3) 1906 lived at Cleveland, Ohio.
        S.D. (3) 1906 Secretary and General Manager of the KIRK / LATTY Mfg.
Co.Iron Works, at Cleveland, Ohio.
        H.T. (3) 1906 Vice- President of the KIRK / LATTY Mfg. Co. Iron Works.