Note R

                                          1 ________(1) LATTA,
Born: Unknown (? Maybe 1799-1800.?) He had at least two sons;
2      ______(2) Married and had a daughter.
3      ______(2) 

                                          2 ________(2) LATTA,
______(1) He Married and had a daughter who married John Helvey.

                                          3 ________(2)
______(1) Born: unknown ( ? maybe 1820's ?) He lived in No. Ireland, Married and 
had at least four sons;
4      ANDREW (3)
        JAMES (3)
        WILLIAM (3)
        ROBERT (3)

                                         4 ANDREW (3) LATTA,
______(2) ______(1) Born in No. Ireland. Married: Catherine Conway. In 
Fredeickton, N.B., Canada.  Lumber and Wine business. Both died when son Andrew 
was young. Five children;
        JAMES S (4) Born: in Frederickton, N.B., Canada, in 1839. Single. He was 
a Joiner. Lived in Houlton, Maine. Enlisted and mustered in Sept. 10, 1863. 
Union army, in Co. A, 16th Inf. Maine Vols. Spelled LATTAIR on Maine records. 
Missing in action May 8, 1864, near Spotsylvania, Court House, VA. Died in Libby 
Prison, Richmond, VA. 1864.
        SAMUEL E (4) Born: In Frederickton, N.B., Canada, in 1843. Single. 
Mechanic, Lived in Houlton, Maine. Enlisted Nov. 3, 1863. Mustered in Nov. 30, 
1863. In Co. A, 2d Cav. Maine Vols. At Augusta, Maine, for three years as a 
Bugler. Transferred to U.S. Navy, Oct. 1, 1864.
Private. No record of him in Navy Dept at Washington, D.C.
        KATHARINE (4) Born: In Frederickton, N.S. Canada. Married Mr. 
Whittemore, an English army officer.
        ELIZA (4) Born in Frederickton, N.B., Canada. Died: About 1866.
5      ANDREW (4)

                                           5 ANDREW (4) LATTA,
Andrew (4) ______(3) ______(2) ______(1) Born in Frederickton, N.B., Canada. 
Lived in St. John , N.B., Canada. Died at Mattapan, Mass. Feb. 2, 1910. Married: 
in Boston, Mass. Aug, 1869. To Mary A Davison, Of Dover, N.H. His parents died 
when he was young, and he was reared by strangers. He was a member of the Orange 
Grand Lodge, Gagetown, N.B. Canada. Once he was mistaken for William Latta, of 
Baltimore, Md. There may have been a connection.
Had at least one child;
        MABEL E (6) In 1906 she lived at Roxbury (Boston), Mass, and in 1910 at 
Mattapan, Mass