Note T

                                1 ________ (1) LATTA

Lived at Charlestown, Clark Co., Ind. Married and had at least 4 children;
      2  LOUIS (2) Farmer. Lived at Arcola, Ills.
      3  JOHN (2) Farmer. Lived at Arcola, Ills.
      4  SPENCER (2) b. 1823; Merchant in Galveston, Texas.
      5  ROBERT M.(2)b. 1825
1850 Census, Dist., 1, Jefferson Co., KY
Spencer Latta, 27, b. MD, farmer
Jane Latta, 21, b. KY
M. J. Latta, 17, b. MD

                               5 ROBERT M.(2) LATTA

______(1) Born in 1825; d. prior to 1900; m. Elizabeth ___________. (There was a Robert Latta who married an Elizabeth Keyt in Jefferson Co., IN on July 27, 1848)
Was a corporal in the 38th Regiment, Company F, Indiana Infantry (Union Army) in the
Civil War.  Mustered in September 18, 1861, transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corp. Lived in Charlestown, Ind. 
Worked as a Brick Mason. Buried in Charlestown Cemetery.  Children: 

        6  ELIZA (3) b. 1849
	7  VIRGINIA B.(3) b. 1853
	8  WILLIAM L. (3) Born: May 30, 1857. In: Charlestown, Ind. Married: Annie 
______?. In 1917 lived at Memphis, Tenn.

	9  CHARLES (3) b. 1862
	10 MAGGIE (3) b. Nov. 1866; m. ________ Murphy.  Had four children: Annie L., Jessie L., Nettie B., and Charles M. 
	11 MOLLIE (3) b. 1869  
1900 Census, Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN: 
Maggie M. Murphy, head of household, (4 children, 4 living) b. Nov. 1866, age 33, WD, seamstress, b. IN; 
Annie L, Sept. 1888, age 11, 
Jessie L., son, b. Jan. 1891, age 9, 
Nettie B., daughter, b. Mar. 1893, age 7, 
Charles M., son, b. July 1, 1897, age 2, 
Charles D. Latta, brother, b. May 1862, age 38, single, b. IN; 
Elizabeth Latta, mother, b. Feb. 1830, age 70, WD, b. IN (10 children, 5 living)
1910 Census, Shelbyville, Ward 3, Shelby Co., IN
Charles Latta, 48, boarder at home of Sydney Taylor, single, autofactory worker, enameler

1860 Clark Co., Indiana Census
Charlestown Township - June 6, 1860
Latta, Robert, age 35,
Elizabeth, age 29,
Eliza, age 11,
Virginia B., age 7,
William L., age 3
1870 Census, Charlestown, Clark Co., IN
Robert Latta, 45, b. IN, brick mason
Elizabeth Latta, 43
Louisa Latta, 20
William Latta, 13
Charles Latta, 8
Mayie Latta, 5
Mollie Latta, 2
COBY, Ellen, age 28
BROWN, Edward, age 26
McChristel, Jennis (Dennis) age 8, b. KY
1880 Census - Clark Co., Indiana
Charlestown Township
Latta, Robert W., age 55, born IN, brick mason; father b. OH, mother b. IN
Latta, Elizabeth, age 53, born IN
Latta, William, son, 23, born IN, section hand
Latta, Charles, son, 18, born IN; farm hand
McChristal, Denny, nephew, 18, born IN; farm hand
Latta, Maggie, daughter, 13, born IN
Latta, Mollie, daughter, 11, born IN
*Latta-L Archives - Jan. 30, 2002 note from Ellen Rowan Taylor states that a researcher in Preble County, OH, found in the Preble Co. library a book called THE GENEALOGICAL RECORD OF ONE BRANCH OF THE BOYCE FAMILY IN AMERICA, compiled by Earnest Boyce, 1972.  Near the back of them book is a photo of a Bible called THE STERLING KANSAS BIBLE.  "This Bible was purchased by Joseph Latta in the year 1804 in Charlestown, Indiana." ** Was Joseph related to the Latta's in this Note? 
1830 Census Utica Township, Clark Co.(they are in the same county - are they related?)
David Latta, 35
Mary Latta, 40, b. KY
Eliza Latta, 13, b. KY
Richard Latta, 11, b. KY
Harriet Latta, age 9, b. KY
Emma Latta, age 7, b. KY
Laura Latta, age 6, b. KY
Allice Latta, age 4
David Latta, age 1
William Latta, age 62, b. PA