Note V

                        1 ROBERT (1) LATTA,
Married Elizabeth Hicks, in Ireland. Had at least four children;
2        CHARLES C (2)
3        WILLIAM (2)
4        LIDA (2) Married: Mr. Davis
5        MARGARET (2) Married: Mr. Murphy.

                       2 CHARLES C (2) LATTA,
Robert (1) Married: Lucy Boss, Sept 8, 1908, at Madison Ind. She was married 
four times: Mr. Shelton, Mr. Hicks, Charles C Latta, then to Mr. Jackson. In 
1932 she lived at Bedford, Ky. Route 3. One child by Charles C Latta.
6        NORVEN (3) Born at Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug 19, 1909. In 1936 he lived at 
Bedford, Ky. He writes " My Aunt Lida, in 1908, brought to my father a letter 
saying that they were about to fall heir to a fortune in France."