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     In an old account book written in 1855, Col. R.M. Edwards, of Cleveland, 
Bradley Co., Tenn. Wrote a sketch not only of his own family tree, but included 
sketches of several of his neighbors, and friends. of these listed as 
Revolutionary soldiers, was one John Latta or Latty.

    JOHN LATTA or LATTY, Capt. Cato West's company, in Col. Thompson's regiment 
of South Carolina, lived in Chester Dist. S.C. where he enlisted. He was a 
regular soldier. Was at Sumpter's defeat between the Catawba River and Fish 
Creek. The men of his company never gathered together after that.

    Says he was about 92 or 93 years old (1762 ?). He lost his discharge. He was 
born and reared in Chester Co., South Carolina. He married in Franklin Co., Tenn.

    He was at Granby, at Monk's Corner. Left S.C. about sixty (1795 ?), and came 
to the Cherokee Nation, and then was married about forty nine years ago (1814 
?), and moved to Bradley Co., Tenn. In 1839.

    He knew Col. Joseph McMinn and Col. Hopkins. Also knew Capt, John A Gaston, 
of S.C. And Capt. John Land.

    Route----Volunteered in Chester, went to Charlotte, N.C. then to the Waxhaw 
settlement. Sumpter and Morgan parted. He went with Sumpter to "96", S.C., had a 
fight and then went to Fish Dam Ford on "Broad River". Staid all night and was 
met by Morgan there, went back to "96" when he found all gone from there, and 
they burned the fort and went back and crossed Broad River at the Fish Dam Ford.

    Then went to Cowpens and fought Tarleton. In a few days went to King's 
Mountain. Morgan and Sumpter along. Went thence as he thinks to Charlotte, and 
camped some time. Then went to Hanging Rock Creek, S.C. Morgan and Sumpter along 
as he thinks, then went to Charleston.

    In the mean time he was at Sumpter's defeat at the Junction of Catawba and 
fish Creek. Went to within ten miles of Charleston at the time of the surrender 
of the place, and was left there to guard baggage. Was finally discharged at Ten 
Mile, near Charleston.

    From Chattanooga times, Tenn. Sunday, Aug.26, 1934. Written by Penelope 
Johnson Allen. The book referred to is owned by Miss Edna Tonkin, grand daughter 
of Col. Edwards. In 1934 she was living at Thomasville, GA. She could give no 
(See back of this sheet, and on the next sheet, for Battle of King's Mountain.)
{1996 note: The next bit of information looks to be a clip from a newspaper, I 
think this is what was to be found on the back and next page that Robert H Latta 
referred to.}

                                          BATTLE OF HANGING ROCK.

This battle was fought Aug. 6, 1780. It occurred on Hanging Rock creek, S.C. 
between Col. Sumpter's Americans, some 800 in number. And about as many 
Loyalists commanded by Major Carden. After driving back the Loyalists, the 
Americans, becoming disorganized while plundering the enemy's camp, were in turn 
put to flight. The Americans loss is unknown, that of the Loyalists in Killed, 
wounded and missing, is recorded as 269.